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How music on hold with informational messages can improve a patient’s experience.

The medical and dental industries are testing out new digital marketing tools, but despite these changes customer service is still the most important consideration, according to  an IBM study. These findings were released during the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

“We have to think about customers more: not just the customer experience, but whether something moves the dial on customer consideration metrics,” Matthew Young, chief information officer of Travelodge said in the report.

Even in today’s world of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, it has become clear to doctors and dentists that all staff members need to do their part to provide excellent customer service, even if they aren’t looking at them face-to-face.

How can music on hold with informational messages make an impact?

For example, on music on hold with informational messages can provide information for prospective and current patients before they reach the receptionist, physician or dentist. These easy to implement on hold systems offer the flexibility to play music to engage the patient, explain hours of operation or redirect them to a more relevant phone number or website.

Dental and doctor offices that offer such a solution are one step ahead in offering a “customer-centric” environment, according to Paradigm Productions. Any investment toward enhancing a customer’s experience can make the ultimate difference. Otherwise, practitioners may be causing more pain to their patients without even noticing it. Unexplained wait times on the phone may prompt them to negatively react and hang up.

Practitioners who take the time to create a high-quality customer journey are more likely to see their patients return for a follow up visit or annual check up. Working with an on hold messaging services provider with experience in healthcare will allow you develop messaging that resonates.

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Publish Date: March 18, 2014