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On-Hold Messaging for HVAC Companies

Our SalesMaker On-Hold service specializes in on-hold messaging for residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC companies including HVAC distributors and suppliers.  Listen to a real example from an HVAC distributor by clicking below.

We Understand the HVAC Industry’s Unique Needs

When you’re getting calls from clients and contractors about quotes, scheduling, and other needs, you need a reliable solution so you never miss a beat. That’s why our SalesMaker On-Hold service is the answer. We provide professional on-hold messaging that does all the work for you so you can confidently serve your customers without missing an opportunity. With our team of the industry’s best talent and technology expertise, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits starting at just $39/month! We offer HVAC companies:


Personal Attention


Industry’s Best Talent


Diverse Music Library


In-House Studio


Technology Expertise


No Long-Term Contracts

HVAC Service Professional
Google Reviews

On-Hold Messaging Benefits for HVAC Companies & Their Customers


Make Callers Happier

Delivering entertaining or informative content keeps callers engaged and feeling valued while reducing perceived wait times.


Spotlight Your Brand

Great on-hold messaging creates a positive brand experience that builds loyalty and helps you stand out in a crowd.


Promote Yourself

Offering callers special promotions or exclusive offers incentivizes them to engage and do business with your company.


Improve Your ROI

Increase leads and generate more sales by effectively highlighting your products and services to a captive, target audience.


Reduce Hang-Ups

On-hold messaging reduces missed calls and abandoned interactions, ensuring you don't miss out on potential business.


Save Valuable Time

Providing answers to common questions while on-hold reduces call times for both your customers and your team.

SalesMaker on Hold Messaging Service for the Service Industry

On-Hold Pricing & Plans

Award-Winning On-Hold Messaging Service

Engage, inform & provide an improved experience when customers call your business.

Script Writing

In-House Production

Creative Consultation

Expert Voice Talent

Diverse Music Library

1 Production / Yr



Low Call Volume

This plan is perfect if you have consistent products and services, rarely run sales or promotions and have a low call volume.

2 Productions / Yr



Moderate Call Volume

Have repeat callers or run seasonal promotions? Consider our semi-annual plan to keep your on-hold messaging fresh and relevant.

4 Productions / Yr



High Call Volume

Have a lot of callers? Consider our quarterly production plan to keep your customers informed, persuaded and entertained year-round.*

Need More than 4 Productions per Year?

* We can create a custom plan with the updating frequency best suited for your business. Clients with multiple locations receive significant discounts. Contact us for details today!