starting at 42 per month for overhead music


In-Store Music & Messaging

At On Hold Marketing, our SkyKast overhead music service creates an entertaining atmosphere that enhances your customers’ shopping experience. We highly suggest adding targeted messaging to your SkyKast plan to further enhances your branding, promote products and services, boost engagement, and ultimately, increase revenue.

starting at 42 per month for overhead music

Overhead Music Boosts Your Brand & Your Customers' Experience!

Unlock the power of music and elevate your brand’s atmosphere. Contact us today to explore our diverse music library and select the perfect tracks for your business.


Add Targeting Messaging for More Engagement & Sales

Maximize your business’s potential with in-store messaging. Our voice talent can deliver your message with the perfect professional tone to persuade customers. Contact us to learn more.

Brand Discovery & Script Writing
Music & Voice Talent Selection
Expert In-House Production
In-Store Setup & Deployment
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In-Store Music & Messaging Demos

We help businesses from all industries engage with their customers and improve their experiences. Check out some in-store demos below!

In-Store Pricing & Plans

In-Store Music & Messaging with SkyKast

Man listening to Overhead SkyCast Recording

Music Only



Enjoy uninterrupted in-store music that is tailored to your brand and customer demographic.

Audio Player Included *

Diverse Music Library

Creative Consultation

Technical Support

Remote Updates

Music & Messaging



Entertain & boost your brand with music interspersed with targeted marketing content.

Custom Tailored Plans

Price Varies by # of Updates

Script Writing Included

No-Long Term Contract

Multi-Store Discount

Need Equipment?

* A required audio player is provided in each plan. Clients will need to provide their own speakers, amps and/or audio equipment. If needed, we can help you find a reliable vendor for purchase and installation. Contact us for details today!

In-Store FAQ

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Brian Illes

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