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Options for On-Hold Messaging Equipment

A successful on-hold marketing strategy requires two components: an engaging message, and top-quality audio. For VoIP systems, all you need is an audio file; however, if your phone system is in-house, you’ll need to consider an external player – which we provide with our on-hold messaging plan!

On Hold Marketing has over 35 years of experience selecting the best overall audio solution for each client’s needs. When it comes to players, there are two major technologies: VoIP and external players. Choosing the right one is key for delivering high-quality audio and ensuring your message resonates with callers. Our external on-hold messaging players include:

Messenger USB On-Hold Messaging Adapter

Messager USB

The Messenger USB system is ideal for small businesses with single or multiple locations, making it easy to update messaging up to four times a year. It offers full control over volume levels and program selection, as well as simple management through email of new program files.

Cube On-Hold Messaging Adapter


The Cube System is perfect for larger companies with multiple facilities, allowing frequent updates to their messaging. It connects to the studio via internet connection and requests new content when necessary, delivering fresh content direct to the digital Remote player.