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Effective On Hold Messaging Can Alleviate Your Patients’ Pain

It’s safe to say those who are in pain are not the most patient people. Depending on the severity of their pain, they may not have the physical ability to wait, which can become problematic if your medical organization is constantly busy. Whether you work at a hospital, doctor’s office, dentist’s office or any other medical facility, you have to be cognizant of this fact and sensitive to your patient’s needs. The problem is that you have to manage your own resources, which includes your staff.

If you don’t have the personnel to answer every phone call in a timely manner, the content of your on hold messaging better be effective. Your callers, particularly those who are currently suffering from a toothache, illness or bodily injury, won’t feel like they have the time to wait in silence or listen to on hold messages that aren’t pertinent to their situation.

Remember, a large part of effective health care is the ability to communicate with patients. Your on hold message is communication. You need to take advantage of this opportunity by offering assistance that either might be able to alleviate their pain or at least reduce the risk of further suffering should they have to wait to speak with a live representative.

In a past blog, we covered the story of the Las Vegas man whose life was saved by a hospital’s on hold messaging. The point being, you can provide assistance without actually speaking with your callers. Naturally, you will eventually talk to them to find the specifics of their problem, but any help you can provide in the meantime can make a big difference.

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Publish Date: July 21, 2020