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Messaging On Hold For A Low Price?

Shopping for Messaging On Hold? One of the first questions we hear is “What’s the price?”

Yes, naturally, there’s a price for what we do…from $39-249 per month for a single site depending on the plan…(much less for additional sites). As you compare on hold providers, consider this. While you’re researching potential studios, consider that asking 3 different messaging on hold providers for a price is like asking 3 auto dealerships for a price on a car. Cars are different…just like messaging on hold providers are different. They can be low price, but also low value, so knowing what you expect from your on hold messaging campaign is a big part of finding a provider that’s the right fit…whether it’s a Chevy or Caddy.

Messaging On Hold Studios Have Personalities, too!

Many inquiries come from managers that just learned that their competition has “something on hold” and they have “nothing on hold”…therefore their expectations are to get “something on hold”.  Now if your competition has “On Hold Marketing” …and you install “something on hold”…you’ve got a problem, because your competition is strategically building a marketing relationship with your customers, reducing abandon calls, reducing frustration about the hold time… and you’re just playing “something”…we call this “noise on hold”.

There’s More to Messaging On Hold Than Just Noise.

In every case, our messaging on hold programs are providing more benefits than customers expect when they first come to us. Only after they see our custom written scripts and hear their own fully produced on hold program so they begin to understand.

When a customer begins to think about what they want their customer to hear, the naturally focus on what they want to tell a customer.  Our experienced writers know, instead, to think about what kind of content will keep the caller engaged so that they don’t hang up. It could be the same content as desired by the customer, only presented in a different way. Preventing the hang-up is job #@1.  We’ll also relate the benefits of your business or practice so the caller can focus on the value of your services instead of thinking about how long they’ve been on hold. The right on hold experience will create add-on sales, referrals, repeat business and customer loyalty.

Here’s How To Select A Studio That Will Live Up To Your Expectations.

Find a studio that can prove they have a track record serving customers in your industry. Without experience with your terminologies, your trends and promoting your benefits, plan to be spending time teaching them your business.

Matching the messaging on hold service to your particular telephone system can be challenging. Can your potential providers explain in detail how they’ll deliver the service?  If they can’t …or don’t offer to engage directly with your telephone service provider to confirm a plan for success….run!

Be sure to add to your comparative analysis that OHM has been helping businesses and practices build a better image, customer loyalty, and simply more awareness of their service offering for over 30years…and with the entire range of technologies to serve all business telephone systems.

See how your prospective On-Hold provider matches up with our advantages:

  • 30 years experience helping businesses and practices.
  • Technical Support for industry standard on hold equipment
  • Female and male voice talents on every production
  • Soundtrack-quality music and sound effects libraries
  • In-house script writing, proofing, audio editing & productions
  • National HOLDI Award Winners for creativity and production quality
  • Plans that keep us engaged in your marketing preventing stale and no-longer-accurate messages, but accurate and interesting!
  • Flexibility to provide the right number and program length to prevent the listener hearing messages repeat.

Call us at 804-273-6900, tell us about your business or practice and we’ll share how we’ve helped others like you!

Rich Moncure
President On Hold Marketing

Rich is the President of On Hold Marketing, a marketing focused audio studio helping businesses and practices take advantage of their telephone system’s On Hold capabilities. Prior to On Hold Marketing, Rich spent 20 years in telecommunications working for such giants as Williams Communications, NextiraOne, Bell Atlantic and Nortel Networks.


Publish Date: March 19, 2021