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Why Social Media Is Not the Only Answer to Target Marketing.

In an increasingly digital age, many companies have turned toward social media as a means to reach out to customers, both current and prospective ones. While it is easy to jump on the bandwagon, it might not always be the best solution for target marketing.

A contribution piece in Entrepreneur Magazine highlighted certain factors for organizations to consider before jumping full force into social media marketing. For example, what will your customers respond to?

“It starts with knowing what your brand is about and how your customers live their lives – a marketing fundamental no matter the medium,” the article said. “If you have a more private brand with customers who don’t want to share their stories, you probably have no business using social media channels to connect with them.”

Additionally, a clear sense of purpose must be found in any marketing campaign. The key is being able to advertise your company’s brand in a way that is memorable without being overbearing. Strategically fine-tuned approaches are best, especially when they have enough of a personal approach that customers can positively respond to.

This is where hold messaging strategies can be implemented. When customers attempt to reach out to an organization and are put on hold, they have already made the effort of contact. Now is the time for businesses to keep their attention and make sure to offer them something that will keep them coming back.  Your target market is right there on the phone!

A refined target marketing campaign that can be executed through on hold messaging adds value to a customer’s time while he or she waits for an answer to an inquiry. An on hold solutions provider can help businesses develop the best advertising strategy for their organization.

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Publish Date: October 28, 2020