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Why on hold messaging can help higher education marketing

The higher education industry is not impervious to the benefits of a successful marketing campaign, but for any tactic to be effective it must be properly implemented and managed. That’s why Northwestern University hired a Chief Marketing Officer to oversee all of the school’s promotional initiatives.

Maureen Morrison, Northwestern’s first CMO in school history, spoke with the online publication Ad Age about her motivations and what she hopes to accomplish with the school moving forward.

“First it really is about developing a compelling and cohesive brand position for the university,” she said. “Once that is articulated, then it would be operationalized throughout all aspects—the student experience, student communications, potential donors. My role is not just a marketing-communications or advertising role. Fundamentally, what the brand beliefs are and position is has to be alive in everything, for students, parents, faculty and alumni.”

Schools are called constantly throughout the day by prospective and current students, and there are a myriad of marketing opportunities presented by this action. Schools that develop a strong on hold marketing campaigns can engage callers with on hold messaging that resonates with them.

If You Knew You Would Have The Ear of a Prospective Student for 20 Seconds, What Would You Want Them To Know?

If they’re a prospective student considering applying to the school, this is an chance to promote the educational benefits, as well as the amenities on campus. Even if the caller is a current student, on hold messages can promote events around campus or provide other important information about the school. The key is to develop this messaging in a way that hits on all the important points about the school while compelling callers to stay on the line while they wait for a live representative.

Northwestern knew it needed executive leadership, but not all schools will not always possess the resources required to manage a similar campaign. Outsourcing on hold message creation can help construct the perfect messaging for your school. Remember, Morrison said her desire is to represent the brand in a positive manner in all aspects of communication. If your on hold messaging does not reflect the brand positively, it could impact your efforts bringing students to the school and maintaining relationships with alumni.

This is why it’s so important to not only construct hold messaging, but the right hold messaging. Working with an OHMA on hold solutions provider will allow you to acquire the best messaging for your needs.

Publish Date: October 15, 2020