on hold marketing


Why it’s important to incorporate data into a hold messaging strategy

Data can assist any marketing initiative. No strategy is impervious to the benefits of gathering information, analyzing it and using that data to adjust processes in order to reach a more targeted audience or improve the impact made on the customer. On hold marketing programs, while typically developed to serve as long-term campaigns, can be improved with the use of data.

Prior to constructing a hold message for marketing purposes, businesses need to establish a firm understanding of their audience. The purpose of hold messaging is to keep callers on the phone so they can speak with a live representative, and any communication that comes across as off-putting or unpleasant will ultimately result in lost sales opportunities. As a result, businesses need to focus their efforts on generating content that makes callers happy or, at least, pleases them enough so they want to stay on the line.

If a caller doesn’t like what they are hearing, they won’t stick around to keep listening to it. While an unfortunate choice of music can certainly have an adverse effect on a caller’s attitude, the wording of the hold message can be just as harmful if it rubs the consumer on the other end the wrong way. But, if businesses do their research and determine what market they want to reach and discover what makes that specific demographic tick, they’ll be able to formulate really effective audio messaging that will greatly impact the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

It’s important to understand there has to be a balance between pleasant and informative communication. Businesses have to use their hold messaging as an opportunity to share important details about their organization, so simply bombarding the caller with positive music and dialogue might not work. Companies should find out what their potential customers are interested in as it pertains to their organization and use that data to make their messaging even better.

Partnering with an on hold solutions provider will help businesses use data and create hold messaging that truly resonates with the caller.

Publish Date: May 13, 2013