on hold marketing


Why hold messaging is an important component of your content marketing strategy

The term “content marketing” is being thrown around in business circles a lot these days, but surprisingly few people understand exactly what it is. The general understanding is that it’s text written for a company’s website that’s designed to improve its online presence. Yes, that’s an incredibly important component, but its impact is felt in more areas than just website copy.

It’s best to think of content marketing as a strategy, and not an action. Blogging, for example, is an important piece of the strategy, but it’s only one component. In essence, content marketing is creating something that represents the business in the minds of potential customers. Whether this is done with text, imagery, video or audio messaging, everything a company creates has to be viewed as a part of that organization.

Hold messaging is content that gets used for marketing purposes, so whatever the caller hears has to serve as a positive representation of the business. Just because the content is not on the company website, doesn’t mean its words aren’t important.

Think of the content you write on your site. Its purpose is to engage the visitor and keep them reading. The purpose of an on hold marketing message is to keep the caller listening. If the web copy is dull, the reader will probably leave the website. If the hold audio is boring or non-existent, they will likely hang up.

Remember that content is all around us and can be consumed in a number of different ways. By working with an on hold solutions company, that aspect of your content marketing strategy will be in good hands.

Publish Date: May 15, 2013