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Veterinary On-Hold Messages Build Loyalty!

Smart Veterinary Practices have a plan to use hold time not only toward their own advantage, but also their caller’s. Your practice benefits because an engaging audio program makes the time on hold seem shorter, resulting in less frustration from the caller. Callers benefit from hearing all the ways your practice can keep their pets healthy and playful.  Pet owners also learn how important it is for them to keep regular check-ups for health and dental care.

As with most practices, there is an element of competition with other local clinics, so putting your best paw forward is important! Any opportunity to demonstrate why you’re the best to be the provider of total health for their family pets should not be overlooked.  The right on hold messaging is the right communications tool to build customer loyalty and the resulting repeat relationships and referrals.

What Design Elements Create Trust and Loyalty To Your Practice?

The right message content gives the caller confidence that they’ve called a practice that can fulfill all their pets needs and has their pet’s best interest at heart. The right combination voices and music will give the caller the impression of a more professional practice. The most effective messaging will include elements that make your practice unique.

Pet lovers want to know that your care will result in a significantly better lifestyle for their pets. So, crafting messages describing unique experiences create a bond…and with it a feeling of trust…and that builds loyalty.

Your veterinary on hold messages should feature services that make your practice unique:

a)      dental care

Hey, I want to hear veterinary on hold messages, too!

b)      vaccinations

c)      pet insurance

d)      microchipping

e)      boarding with special diets

f)       the value of annual check- ups

g)      special services like in-home visits

h)      social media presence, gaining “likes”

i)       “Full Treatment” grooming and skin care

j)       community service and local event participation

k)      seasonal focus on ticks or specials on services like free dental exams

If you have a social media presence, suggesting that callers visit and “like” your social media web pages is a great way to help them remember you and reinforce your image of a compassionate and professional care veterinary practice.  It’s also is an easy way for callers to refer others to you.

Creating the best possible impression for callers on hold… of a compassionate and professional veterinary practice involves the right mix of many elements. The reward is callers that feel confident in your care…and that builds loyalty.

If you’d like to hear an example of our veterinary on hold messages, visit www.PawsOnHold.com! Oh, and there’s a great video here!

Dan Bryant

Dan is VP/Business Development at On Hold Marketing

Publish Date: October 8, 2019