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Dental Office On Hold Messaging Can Reduce the Stress of Scheduling Visits.

Going to the dentist is often a stressful experience. As children, we hated going, and while we became more educated about the benefits of seeing a dentist as we got older, much of the apprehension children have about going stays with many adults. Sometimes, even calling the dentist can induce fear because they start thinking about the drills, the scraper and the thought of someone else putting their hands in their mouths.

As a dentist, this can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. You stress to your patients that they should floss more and schedule regular visits, but ultimately they are in control of their own dental health. When they do finally call, whether it’s to book an appointment, inquire about a new practice or ask a question pertaining to dental care, it’s important to understand they may be on edge. As they wait to speak with a live representative, one of the purposes of dental office on hold messaging is to alleviate any anxiety they might have about going to the dentist.

Dental Office On Hold Messaging Can Play An Important Part In Patient Engagement

Strategically constructing on hold messaging that relays information pertaining to the practice without intimidating the caller is crucial. You want callers to feel at ease when they call the dentist. It’s important for them to obtain the knowledge they need to improve their dental health, but you don’t want their nerves to interfere with the call. A carefully crafted on hold message can provide necessary information without getting into details regarding dental care, which ultimately alleviates the risk of them hanging up before speaking with a live representative.

Every aspect of the on hold messaging can impact the success of the strategy. The music, tone of voice and specific wording can all play a role whether the caller feels comfortable with a particular dentist office. One of the purposes of this messaging is to create a relaxing atmosphere for the caller, so the entirety of the on hold program has to be constructed with that in mind.

Smiles on Hold is an effective on hold solution for dentists that can assist with marketing initiatives, keep customers on the phone and alleviate any reservations callers may have about this important medical service.

Rich MoncurePresident On Hold Marketing

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Publish Date: December 21, 2020