on hold marketing


Use hold messaging to differentiate yourself from your competitors

There are a number of ways on hold marketing messages can allow a company to stand out in front of its competition. Recently, this blog discussed the importance of thought leadership and how implementing messaging that conveys intelligent opinion on the industry can let consumers know they have made the right choice, significantly reducing the risk of them hanging up and calling a competitor.

However, this will only go so far. What if two different companies implement on hold strategies that claim they are the best? How will the caller decide? Hoping to be the first name on the individual’s call list doesn’t always yield favorable results.

The truth is, there is typically something, regardless of how small, that separates companies from one another. It’s highly unlikely that two competitors carry the exact same inventory, have the same service policies, etc. There is usually something that makes one organization unique, and that fact must be promoted in the marketing strategy.

For example, organizations often adjust their target market to establish themselves as a unique option. Perhaps you are a seller of home improvement tools and you specialize in left-handed equipment. Or what if you are an auto parts dealer with a wide range of foreign options? This is crucial information that must be shared right away. Companies cannot wait for their potential customers to hold a live conversation with them before they make this reveal. If they do, it might be too late.

People are often told to express their individualism. Companies should do the same thing. There may be something special about one particular business that makes it a better fit for a specific customer’s need than the competition. The key is making that fact known.

Publish Date: May 2, 2013