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The number one rule to improve customer service: Solve problems quickly

Ultimately, your customers are going to judge you on how quickly you are able to improve customer service. Yes, there’s much to be said about service with a smile and your attitude during the process can go a long way toward enhancing (or hurting) the customer’s experience. However, all the smiles and pleasantries in the world won’t help if you can’t answer your customers’ questions in an efficient manner.

Your Customers On Hold

A recent article in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel titled “Customer Service Matters” featured a response to an incident where a disgruntled caller did not receive the answers they were seeking in a timely manner. Not only did they have to wait on hold for an extended period of time, once they finally got through to a customer service representative they were bounced around to other departments and had to endure a frustrating experience before finally receiving any real answers.

Karen Hickman, the article’s author, responded to this incident with her thoughts on adequate customer service.

“Your complaint is not uncommon, and most of us have had the experience of being on hold for long periods of time and wanting to hang up,” she wrote. “Many businesses outsource their customer service departments, and the people answering their phones aren’t even in the U.S. However, I don’t believe that’s a good excuse for not being able to train and prepare people to handle problems that come up with their customers or consumers.”

The Benefits of using On Hold Messaging to Improve Customer Service

It’s important to understand the benefits of proper on hold messaging. Companies that implement effective messages can answer questions and improve customer service while customers wait on hold, which reduces the amount of work required by the live representative. At the very least, companies should remember that customer service calls typically take place when the consumer is angry about a particular aspect of their service or have an immediate need that can’t be resolved in any manner other than an in-person conversation.

In these instances, any amount of time waiting on hold can seem like an eternity to the caller. On hold messages that are entertaining and engaging will at least alleviate their stress by reducing the amount of time the caller feels like they are waiting. While the article is correct in its claim that training and development of customer service representatives will improve the in-person conversation process, enhancing your on hold message will make a significant difference in the level of service your callers receive.

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Publish Date: March 12, 2021