on hold marketing


Survey shows why companies implement on hold marketing

As a recent study conducted by the On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) discovered, companies implementing an on hold marketing strategy have come to enjoy a tremendous number of benefits. The survey also found out why certain companies have decided to invest in an on hold solution.

There was a theme among the number of reasons given by those satisfied with their on hold strategies as to why they implemented a service. Primarily, companies wanted to better brand themselves and increase the effectiveness of their customer engagement strategies. While 74 percent listed building image and professionalism as the primary motivation for implementing a service, 72 percent also said they wanted to promote their sales and products.

Many companies also chose to use on hold messaging as a way to keep their callers entertained and on the line. Roughly 58 percent said they wanted to avoid on hold silence and 36 percent said they wanted to keep callers entertained while they waited to speak with a live professional. Some companies just wanted to keep their callers on the line at all costs, as 31 percent said they procured a hold service just to keep callers from hanging up.

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to partner with an on hold service provider, but ultimately, the biggest takeaway from the survey is that on hold solutions can service any number of different companies, representing various sizes and a myriad of industries.

“OHMA members serve businesses from the Fortune 500 to the smallest mom and pop shops,” said Bryant Wilson, OHMA board member, in a press release. “Businesses of every size can use on-hold messages to promote products and services to their hottest prospects. The results of this survey clearly show on hold marketing matters.”

Publish Date: March 20, 2013