on hold marketing


Subtlety is key with hold messaging

Think back to the last time you received a telemarketing call. You were probably sitting down to have dinner with your family (it always seems to be at that time) and once the phone rang and you got up to answer it, you were bombarded with a hard sell. It was likely an unpleasant experience and you probably hung up the phone in anger after hearing a few seconds of the sales pitch.

People typically do not want to hear a hard sell over the phone. The feeling people get when they receive an unwanted telemarketing call can continue when the individual is calling the company. When someone calls an organization, they likely have some interest in what that company is selling, so marketers may want to take this as an opportunity to force their products and services down the callers throat. This is not advised.

Hold messaging gives companies an opportunity to convey important information to callers. It’s here where marketers can use their creativity to generate audio messages that paint the organization in a positive light. However, on hold marketing strategies that lack subtlety can be hazardous. They can come off as intimidating and pushy and can have an adverse effect on an organization’s sales efforts.

Instead, it’s best to pique the caller’s interest with mentions of products, services and why your particular company is the best fit for their needs without trying to actually sell anything. Boring messaging or silence can cause callers to hang up, but aggressive dialog on the opposite end of the spectrum can be just as damaging. Finding a healthy balance will go a long way toward improving a company’s on hold marketing efforts and winning new customers.

Publish Date: May 10, 2013