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Staying Fresh While Saving Time

Do you want to keep your On Hold messages fresh, but don’t find that you have the time to address it every month or every quarter? We’ve had quite a bit of success in the past few years helping our clients work in advance. Several of our quarterly-program clients have found that mapping out a schedule of topics for a year at a time makes the script updating process much easier, and much less time consuming.

There Are Several Ways To Keep Your Messaging Fresh.

One way is to review your promotional and sales activities for the past 12-15 months. Determine which of those activities are likely to take place again in the same time period, and allot the appropriate number of messages in each of your On Hold messages to address those activities. If any of your sales or promotional activities are seasonal in nature, this is pretty easy…just map out what’s going to happen in the winter, in the spring, in the summer and in the fall. Even if you don’t have the full details, just knowing the topics is half the battle. Once you know the topics, we can write the messages for you.

If your company compiles an annual marketing or strategic plan, you can use that as your guideline. Just plot out the activities or sales topics that need to be covered during specific times of the year. These may or may not be seasonal, but again simply putting the topics on paper will greatly save you time and effort during the course of the year.

Some of our clients update their on hold messages quarterly, even though their business does not really change from season to season to season. Instead, these folks find that they simply have just too much to talk about in one single script and program. What we’ve done for them is divided their product or service lines in five groups: one group runs all year long, while the other four groups each rotate in and out on a quarterly basis. The result is that four times as many products and services are promoted On Hold during the course of the year, four times as many products and services get sold during the year, and the already-overworked marketing directors only had to address this task once.

Here’s One More Point for On Hold Supremacy.

A typical update might take up about an hour of your time total: from the time you decide an update is needed to the phone call to talk with us about it…to the time it takes you to send us the information…to the time it takes you to review the new script and give us changes…to the time it takes you to finally approve it. Do that four times in a year and you’ve used up four hours, maybe more. Instead, take a little more time, say 90 minutes or two hours, to get the whole year done in advance, and you’ve saved yourself two hours that you might be able to use generating new revenue.

As I said at the top, we’ve had good success, and good response, doing this for a number of clients in the past few years. We know how to do it, and how to make it easy for you. Want to know more? Just give us a call!

Brian Illes Vice – President/Operations

Brian Illes, On Hold Marketing

Since 2000, Brian Illes has been helping On Hold Marketing clients give their callers, customers, clients and prospects the best possible On Hold experience, and has been making it easy to do so. Not only skilled as a writer, producer, and voice talent for On Hold Marketing, Brian is a true wizard at overseeing our studio production and tending to Customer Service. Brian also has wide-range knowledge of auto attendant, IVR, and prompt systems. He works closely with On Hold Marketing customers to make these systems easy to use and customer-friendly. In his off-hours, Brian has a passion for baseball, college football, amateur photography and the occasional adult beverage in a green bottle.

Publish Date: April 16, 2021