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The REAL Art of Crafting your On Hold Script

At On Hold Marketing we have over 30 years of combined script writing experience, so don’t ever feel like the weight doing the actual writing is on your shoulders. We’ll take care of it for you. We do need your input on what to write about, and your input on changes. And when you give us that input, remember to speak to your audience’s level of knowledge. It’s easy to “talk the talk” of your business because you probably do it all day long within your office, plant or other sort of job site. But not everyone who goes On Hold in your place of business “Talks the talk” the same as you and your co-workers.

Watch out for technical jargon in an On Hold Script.

Recently a medical client gave us revisions to a script with several really technical medical terms. In the course of fine tuning for the next draft, we came to learn that those terms were essentially related to dry skin. Can every caller to a doctors’ office relate to dry skin? Probably. Will many callers to a doctors’ office understand the technical/medical terms for those various skin conditions? Hard to say…but why take the risk? If you’re in an extremely vertical industry and almost all of your callers deal in your industry jargon every day, that’s one thing. But if yours is a public-facing business, or if what you offer is not an everyday occurrence for most of your callers, it’s always better to keep it simple.

Solving the puzzle of your technical terms so callers can
understand and appreciate the benefits.

Whether you like to write your own On Hold script (maybe 10-15% of our clients), want to write just some rough drafts and have us polish it (a smaller percentage) or want to just give us the basic facts and have us craft something that provides information that’s of use and value to your callers (the vast majority of our clients), we’re here to help…and to “protect you from yourself.” Because we have an outside perspective on your business, we’re able to put ourselves in your shoes…understanding and communicating the salient points you’re trying to get across to your callers…and put ourselves in the their shoes as well…making sure that what we’re saying is easy for them to understand.

Learning from you helps us achieve your goals.

Part of the process will be us asking you some questions about your business, how you operate, how customers do business with you, and how we can help you attract more customers, or generate more revenue from your existing customers.

So whether you’re a new client facing the On Hold script process for the first time, or an existing client in need of a script update, don’t worry. We’ll help you make sure that you’re always communicating the most understandable way to the majority of your callers every time a call is placed On Hold. Because “Your Business is On The Line!”


Brian Illes, On Hold MarketingBrian Illes


Brian joined On Hold Marketing after a 20-year career as radio station program director and on air personality in markets in the eastern United States. Not only skilled as a writer, producer and voice talent for On Hold Marketing, Brian is a true wizard at overseeing our studio production and tending to Customer Service.

Publish Date: March 14, 2018