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Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your existing phone system or getting a completely new system, you’ll want to get in on the “we’re getting a new phone system” meeting early. Here’s why. A new telephone system could drastically change how your On Hold messages are heard by your callers. In some cases, the new telephone system may simply not provide On Hold Messaging the way you’re accustomed. It all depends on the details and features of the new system. Don’t wait until the new system is installed to find out how it may affect your callers ‘On Hold’ experience. Please call us to discuss before you make the move! We’ll share our experience with the new VoIP, Hosted and “Cloud Based” systems and help you discuss your options with your team members.

Rich MoncurePresident On Hold Marketing

Rich is the President of On Hold Marketing, a marketing focused audio studio helping businesses and practices take advantage of their telephone system’s On Hold capabilities. Prior to On Hold Marketing, Rich spent 20 years in telecommunications working for such giants as Williams Communications, NextiraOne, Bell Atlantic and Nortel Networks.

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Publish Date: September 9, 2020