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HVAC Distributors On-Hold Messaging and Pie

HVAC Distributors On-Hold programs promote products, training and events, but is only one slice of the total marketing pie.  If you’re an HVAC/R distributor, a large portion of your sales come to you via the telephone…and the typical distributor location puts around 30 calls a day on hold…so making sure you handle inbound calls properly isn’t something to ignore.  You should have a mini-marketing plan in place for the message-on-hold slice of your marketing.

Although HVAC/R distributors serve their own unique markets, they do share a common caller profile: their best contractors call frequently and are frequently on hold for a bit of time. Knowledge of the HVAC/R distribution business and your caller profile allows one to address distributor marketing specifically, but the elements shown here can work no matter which On Hold provider you’re using for on hold message.  Here’s how it all works:  Your advertising tools (eg: sales force, web site, flyers, trade ads) encourage contractors to call. (to order, check on an order, ask for specs, register for training or promotion) If callers go on hold for a moment or two, then your message on hold program reinforces your other advertising in web sites, print ads & sales team promotion. It’s all about multiplying your marketing.

Here’s Your Ready-Made HVAC Distributors On-Hold Mini-Marketing Plan

Here’s how to really get something back from your on hold message….get your calendar out and make dates to..

#1 – Consult managers on a list of hot topics when updating content
#2 – Change the message at least quarterly (at least re-visit it!)
#3 – reinforce your marketing messages being used elsewhere (e.g.; your web site, flyers, promotions)
#4 – Inform your inside sales staff of the content of the on hold message
#5 – help inside sales people prepare to answer questions generated by the on hold message (yes, this looks a lot like #4, this is actually anticipating questions and preparing answers)
#6 – create a specific plan for inquires received by inside sales people..so they transfer the inquiry to the appropriate outside sales people asap
#7 – Draw in delivery drivers to help with your marketing…they can leave flyers or pens, or padssome customers only see two of your staff members…their rep…and their delivery driver!

HVACR Distributors Can Leverage Their On Hold Time for Product/Training/Event Awareness

How many calls are you putting on hold?…per day/week/month/year?  If you can estimate average calls on-hold for a typical hour, we have an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate number of inbound calls, calls on-hold and hold time.  Just ask!

Call it whatever you want, message on hold, on hold message, or on hold marketing…it deserves more than passive glance.  If you’d like to brainstorm this with someone with industry experience, call us at 800-342-0098.

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I’m one of five seasoned professionals here at On Hold Marketing where we all have over 10 years’ experience. Our HVAC/R service is helping distributors  reduce contractor hang-ups and frustration, remind dealers about the benefits of loyalty and volume purchases.


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Publish Date: January 26, 2020