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How To Get Positive Reviews In Two Steps

…or “Do the Two-Step and See Your Reviews and Sales Funnel Grow!”

We’re seeing great results from positive reviews from our customers.

We’ve always known that positive testimonials and reviews were an important slice in our overall marketing pie. They appear in every brochure, our FaceBook page, “Google My Business” page…and they’ve been on our testimonial web page for over 20 years.

Confirmation that positive reviews bring new business comes from prospective customers telling us how the reviews convinced them choose us.  Since any business or practice can benefit from sharing their own positive testimonials, we wanted to share what we’ve learned about how to get positive review.

The two main keys for more positive reviews are:

1)  Do great work

2)  Ask for positive reviews with an easy way to post them for the greatest exposure.

Do great work.

A.    Be pro-active in everything you do, and whenever possible, anticipate your client’s needs, before he or she even knows what those needs are.

B.     Be flexible and accommodate reasonable requests that might be outside of the normal scope of work.

C.     Exceed expectations, in our case, delivering a script or a finished program before the anticipated due date.

Give the client time to use your product or service before you ask for a review, but don’t wait too long. Enthusiasm is highest while their experience is new. For us, the right time is within the first month or two of receiving their new On Hold program.

Ask, making it easy for them to post positive reviews.

Get Positive Reviews

A.    Send an email asking “How Did We Do?”

B.     In your email, provide them a links to any web page that allows them to post their positive comments such as your FaceBook page or Google My Business review page.

C.     Make it clear that contributing a review is strictly voluntary and that if they have a company policy against online testimonials, that there’s no problem.

D.    From the e-mail the client receives to where he/she types in his/her thoughts should be no more than two mouse-clicks, making it just about as easy as it can be.

E.     Some customers will want to give you a testimonial, but don’t want to deal with your links, so make it easy to simply email their positive comments back to you.

Get The Most From Your Positive Reviews.

Thank those that post or contribute positive reviews. Send a “thank you” email or personal note so they know you noticed their kind words…and that it was appreciated.

Visibility to potential buyers is the key, so consider which review sites to provide links. When good reviews are acquired, replicate them across all your marketing when possible.  Keep reviews archived in email and desktop folders for later use.

Use a niche market approach to leveraging reviews.  When corresponding with a prospective client, include a glowing review from a customer in a similar business.  Even better, ask for permission from the contributing reviewer to provide their contact information so they can be contacted, turning your review into a reference.

Employing this practice will not only put you on your way to providing superior service to your new prospects, you’ll have new glowing reviews in no time!


Brian Illes, On Hold MarketingBrian Illes


        Brian Illes – VP/Operations

About Brian

Brian joined On Hold Marketing after a 20-year career as radio station program director and on air personality in markets in the eastern United States. Not only skilled as a writer, producer and voice talent for On Hold Marketing, Brian is a true wizard at overseeing our studio production and tending to Customer Service.

Publish Date: June 12, 2018