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How Are Senior Care Communities Using Their On Hold Messaging to Build Occupancy?

Smart senior care communities have a plan to use hold time not only toward their own advantage, but also the caller’s. Having a few moments of one-on-one time to enhance your professional image with a decision maker or influencer is a rare opportunity. The right on hold messaging is the right communication tool to tell callers your story.

What design elements of On Hold Messaging create the right image?

The right combination of message content, choice of voices and music will give the caller the right impression, one of a community that will make the transition to your community easy and stress free.  The most effective messaging will include unique community experiences that make life engaging and interesting.  New inquiries want to know that moving to your community will result in a significantly better lifestyle for their loved one. So, crafting messages about unique experiences encourages more tour requests and ultimately consistently higher occupancy.

Unique community experiences include:

a) superior dining

b) exercise programs

c) therapies and rehabilitation

d) activities that help delay dementia

e) shopping and excursions to area attractions

f) convenience to worship services, hair styling, pharmacy or grocery

g) your other innovations!

On hold messaging that highlights your unique offering encourages a new caller to want to schedule a tour, but also reassures current relationships that your community is the right place for their loved one to stay.

If you have a social media presence, suggesting that callers visit and “like” your social media web pages is a great way to help them remember you and reinforce your image of a compassionate and professional care community.  It’s also is an easy way for callers to tell others about you.

Creating the best possible impression for callers on hold… of a compassionate and professional care community, involves the right mix of many elements. The reward is callers that want to know more and who will tell others. That builds occupancy.

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Dan Bryant

Dan is VP/Business Development at On Hold Marketing

Publish Date: July 2, 2019