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How music on hold with messaging can improve patient engagement.

The dental industry is going through change. Today’s patients have more avenues to shop around thanks to the internet and smartphones, so being the closest dentist office is no longer going to cut it.

To offset the costs of operations and rent, dentists will need to work harder to maintain relationships with current and prospective patients. This can easily be achieved with excellent dental marketing practices. For some practitioners, this approach may be off the beaten path but it is one that they can control — taking the time to communicate with patients will make the difference between a caller becoming a patient or calling another office.

According to data from the ADA Health Policy Resources Center, dental revenue has remained stagnant over the past five years. Now that the economy is improving, more Americans will be coming in for their annual cleaning or other dental services. Proactive marketing practices can serve as a reminder that your office is available for business.

Why Should Music On Hold with Messaging Be Considered As An Addition To The Marketing Mix?

What makes today’s marketing atmosphere more difficult is that an average patient will see more than 5,000 messages per day, so dentists shouldn’t rely on one or two platforms. One area where a dentist can naturally grab a patient’s attention is while they’re waiting on hold. At this moment they’re probably working on another project, but seamless dental hold music or an informative message can be the hook they need to schedule other pertinent dental services.

“Earning new clients is important, but keeping them is where long term business success resides,” Business 2 Community contributor Adam Robinson writes. “In order to accomplish this, the right people must be in the right seats and fully aligned towards achieving your organizations core mission.”

Robinson also believes that it is valuable for any business to have offensive and defensive marketing strategies in place. This means that practitioners who are prepared to respond to both satisfied and upset patients are more likely to keep patients from leaving.    Music on hold with messaging can be designed to address all patient moods, from needing emergency care to scheduling their next annual check up.

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Publish Date: March 31, 2014