on hold marketing


How an on hold marketing strategy can help a business

There’s really only one question that must be asked prior to investing in any kind of product, service or new strategy for your business: “What’s the point?”

Ultimately, it’s important to know why a certain decision is being made, because once that question is answered, organizations have a specific motivation and goal in mind to fuel their efforts. Take marketing for example. Yes, the point of marketing is to generate sales leads and close new business, but how does one get there? To some people, winning new business is a blanket statement with little meaning. Of course everyone wants to win business, but why marketing? What can marketing do to help attain that ultimate goal?

An article in Business 2 Community addresses these questions and lists seven ways a new marketing strategy can grow a business. They develop of a brand or message, help audit the current strategy, profile buyers and the marketplace, evaluate the competition, determine the marketing mix, find eternal and low cost options and, finally, set organizations up with a long-term program that can yield impressive results for the next one to five years.

Businesses considering implementing an on hold marketing strategy can experience each and every one of these benefits: brand development and current system auditing, for example. Hold messaging reminds callers of the brand, message or mission statement of the company they are calling. It’s important to develop a message they want to represent the business and then stand behind it. Playing it as part of the hold messaging will let callers know what a company is all about.

This sort of strategy can be measured against any current or former marketing program. If businesses are yielding stronger results due to their hold messaging than they were, say, building an email blast campaign, that kind of information can be integrated into future strategies.

Increased sales are the goal, but on hold marketing can accomplish smaller victories along the way to the ultimate destination.

Publish Date: May 6, 2013