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Why On Hold Messages Require Updating.

Perhaps in 2017 your business added a new service, or won a community award.  Maybe a new certification was earned.  You know it.  Your company employees know it.  But, do your clients know it?  Do your business partners know it?  If not, that’s a shame, because while you took the steps to earn it, you forgot to announce it.  You may have overlooked the importance of sharing your news with your customers.

So now, it’s possibly a pretty expensive secret you are accidentally keeping. Though it is important to announce new information in a newsletter, or on the company website, a very logical place to announce the new information is to your captured audience callers that are ON HOLD or IN QUEUE on your telephone system.

Why is it so important for your On Hold Messages to be current and accurate?

  • First of all, your callers appreciate hearing something other than what they’ve been hearing for the past year or two.  Clients that hear current On Hold Messaging content get a more favorable impression of your business.
  • On the other side of the coin, On Hold Messages that do not reflect current conditions, or contain incorrect information, actually degrades the perception of the company.

It truly is analogous with leaving your reception lobby either void of any artwork, or keeping the same old magazines on the table year after year.  We advise businesses to change their messaging on a regular scheduled basis, because waiting on HOLD is very akin to sitting in a business lobby.

Are you aware of exactly what your callers On Hold are hearing?

Why are so many businesses guilty of not updating their on hold messages?  Because they don’t call themselves very often.  Yet, they walk through their own lobby every day, so the décor in the lobby does get noticed and managed.

Equipping a physical waiting room or lobby can be quite expensive.  Taking care of that ‘waiting time’ on HOLD or in QUEUE can cost as little as $1.25 per day.

It’s easy to find out how this impacts your customers.

Click here to see a one minute video on the importance of keeping your On Hold messages current.



Rich Moncure President On Hold MarketingRich Moncure

About Rich

Rich is the President of On Hold Marketing, a marketing focused audio studio helping businesses and practices take advantage of their telephone system’s On Hold capabilities. Prior to On Hold Marketing, Rich spent 20 years in telecommunications working for such giants as Williams Communications, NextiraOne, Bell Atlantic and Nortel Networks.

Publish Date: February 9, 2018