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Baby Boomers Respond To Dental Office Marketing

Dental hygiene is becoming more apparent in recent years as poor gums and plaque build up can be linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These conditions would indicate Baby Boomers as a suitable target audience. However, it’s possible that dental office marketing often targets younger generations.

Neglecting to consider “Baby Boomers”, people born between 1946-1965, and the “Greatest Generation”, folks born between 1901-1945 is putting your dentist office at a huge disadvantage, according to Dentistry IQ.

Because older Americans are living longer lives, they are becoming a larger part of the American population. Between 2000-2010, the 45-64 age group grew 31 percent alone. Dentists who wish to increase their client base may want to design their dental office marketing to target these individuals because they are the more likely to have oral health problems, while being financially stable enough to pay for such services.

A study from Nielsen found that Baby Boomers account for about $2.3 trillion of total spending in the United States, and that spending power can head toward your dentist office if you give them the type of customer service to which they are accustomed, one that involves speaking on the phone, Herald Bulletin contributor Susan Miller explained.

“Most boomers grew up talking, not texting,” she wrote. “We often use our mouths instead of our thumbs when making transactions and like to look people in the eye when seeking information. Interpersonal communication is important to boomers.”

This expectation can easily be achieved with on hold messaging. If a Baby Boomer or Greatest Generation patient is on the phone, they hope to get the information that they need from a voice, whether that be from the receptionist or hold line. Receptionists, dentists and dental assistants who take the time to listen to these patients’ needs can be rewarded with their loyalty to the office, as well as additional referrals.  You can learn about how to deliver your own custom dental office marketing at www.SmilesOnHold.com.

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Publish Date: April 17, 2020