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Constructing on hold messages for marketing requires asking the right content questions.

The principles of digital content marketing aren’t exclusively related to your website. As our blogs have stressed in the past, the idea of creating dynamic, engaging content can apply to virtually any marketing strategy.

Recently, the online publication Fast Company listed a number of questions organizations should ask about their content marketing strategy. Many of them apply directly to the idea of developing on hold messages for marketing purposes.

These were some of the more compelling examples from Wendy Marx, the article’s author:

  • Have you defined your audience? Who are they? What are their pain points, their interests?
  • Have you mapped out their buying process? How long does it take? What do people need to move them along the sales funnel?
  • What type of content do people want early on? Do they want to be sold to – or educated? Often times, people start selling before a person is on a site for a second. How often have you been on a site that screams “demo” when all you want to do is learn a little bit about fixing your problem.
  • What problems does your product solve? What benefits does it deliver? People want to know what something will do for them. Avoid larding your site with all the bells and whistles no one but your developers care about.

Great News! Once You Answer These Questions, You Can Use the Same Content Across All Channels!

These can all be applied to an effective on hold messages for marketing strategy. Your on hold messaging must be constructed with your audience in mind so it resonates with your callers. Knowing where they are in the buying process can also dictate the contents of your messaging. Remember, when callers are put on hold, the messaging they hear is the first form of communication they receive from your organization, but you need to know where they are in the process when they call you.

Knowing the nature of your products and services and how your callers want to learn about them  is just as crucial. Your company should be selling solutions, not products. Understanding what problems your customers encounter, which ultimately prompts them to pick up the phone and call you, can be extremely valuable during the construction of your on hold messaging. And knowing if they want to learn or be sold on a particular solution can dictate what course of action you take with your marketing strategy.

Ultimately, understanding all of these key points will allow you to be more effective in your efforts to engage your audience and compel them to stay on the phone while they wait on hold. Working with an OHMA on hold solutions provider will ultimately allow you to obtain the best hold messaging for your business.people that write HVAC scripts

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Publish Date: October 14, 2020