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(804) 273-6900

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starting at 39 per month for on hold messaging


On Hold Marketing, in Partnership with Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing, Delivers  Results!!


We Do ALL The Work!


Custom Script Writing & Production

We craft personalized scripts tailored to your business needs and fully produce them in-house for seamless integration with your phone system.

Expert Voice Talent & Licensed Music

Our professional male and female voice talents bring your scripts to life, accompanied by a diverse library of properly licensed music.

Comprehensive Consultation & Archiving

Receive expert advice on best practices for phone system integration, along with archiving of scripts and productions for future use.

Branding & Marketing Alignment

Align your branding and marketing efforts seamlessly, leveraging consultation from Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing for maximum impact.

Everyone Benefits with On-Hold Messaging


Make Callers Happier

Delivering entertaining or informative content keeps callers engaged and feeling valued while reducing perceived wait times.


Spotlight Your Brand

Great on-hold messaging creates a positive brand experience that builds loyalty and helps you stand out in a crowd.


Promote Yourself

Offering callers special promotions or exclusive offers incentivizes them to engage and do business with your company.


Improve Your ROI

Increase leads and generate more sales by effectively highlighting your products and services to a captive, target audience.


Reduce Hang-Ups

On-hold messaging reduces missed calls and abandoned interactions, ensuring you don't miss out on potential business.


Save Valuable Time

Providing answers to common questions while on-hold reduces call times for both your customers and your team.

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